Feedback We've Received

Michele M.

Always good food, served fast by friendly staff!!!

Heather H.

I just had customer service that exceeded my expectations. I was greeted at the door by a very polite and friendly young man who gave me my order. After I paid he proceeded to go back to the door to hold it open for me. I was only carrying one small bag. Not only is the food great but so are the staff.

Michelle K.

The food is delicious, the people and service are great. This is definitely our favorite place to order pizza and subs! And because it is close to the lake, we can eat on the boat. Perfect for our family. Thanks, Giovanni's!

How Are We Doing

We know there is ALWAYS room for improvement. We want our food to be fresh and delicious. We want our facility to be clean and inviting. And we want people (customers AND staff) to be treated like family.

So how was your food? Did you feel welcome? Were you treated with respect? Please let us know by filling out our form.

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