Building Renovations

We've Given The Restaurant a New Life

As some of our customers already know as they've been coming in over the last few months, we've made considerable updates and changes to the building on the inside, as well as the outside. Ultimately, we want our guests to feel comfortable and we hope you feel like home when you're here. Some of the updates included replacing and moving the front doors, painting, a new front-desk, and a lattice divider between the dining room and kitchen.

Here's the Inside
Building RenovationsBuilding Renovations
Here's the Outside
Building RenovationsBuilding Renovations

What's Next?

We still have some work we want to do around here. Exterior lighting and our signage out front is next on the list of renovations to come to the restaurant.

Want to let us know what you think about the changes we've made? Have suggestions for other areas you feel there is room for improvement? Please use our feedback form on the Reviews page!

Thanks for reading our post and thank you for being a customer, friend, and a part of the Giovanni's Pizza & Italian Restaurant family!